Choosing Positivity When Life is Complaining

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I am past the stage of Cosmic Consciousness, where I can chose how I want to climb back into has feeling. It is a stillness that stays with you as you become free of self. In this space, you can either flounder or fly. Positivity is always brighter than ugliness and its energy replenishes everything. I am able to see and feel the beauty and power of life and all that life is.

The negative person in us is constantly moaning that what we want doesn’t exist, as if by perceiving how we want things we will be able to make them happen. But…., without wanting them would life not exist. Not wanting them does the opposite of what we want, it keeps us in a constant state of wanting.

A flower appreciates each moment in its becoming and continuing as a flower. A child appreciates each moment in its growing memories, where obstacles are placed in its path for its growth. A belly laughs uncontrollably at the pain of growing larger. It collapses just as it is about to open. Children wish their wishes were true and parents give them what they wished for.

But adults don’t seem to mind wishing.

Our energy is consumed with negativity and unhappiness. We cry and moan about what we should do and what we have. We suffer stories of injustice and many times think that people owe us. We complain about the sky being dark and dark because we don’t like the time of day. We insult and demean others and think that they are shallow and will say anything to hurt us and harm us.

We complain about how privileged we are to know what and how we want to live. We drown ourselves in immaturity and apologies for our childlike eyes. We are Adults and yet somehow we sabotage ourselves.

Just as we attract people who reinforce our negative minds, we also attract negative stories. We can’t get away from a memory from the past. We can’t get away from a person who tells us that we are the best or the biggest or the richest or that we’ve got a pretty bright idea. The people in our lives like this reinforce our low family background and back into us what they want us to believe. They are simply reflecting the conversation that we have with ourselves.

For me, since I give myself what I think I want, I attract more of it. The implication is that if I am putting out negativity, it will be returned to me. I am a vibrational match to what I am giving my energy to. It doesn’t matter if I am on a positive high feeling like love, or a negative one of misery, the universe will want to give me what I will accept as my truth.

To begin a shift in our lives it is essential to forgive ourselves. Release ourselves from the negative self that wants to stay stuck in recreate the past. It is a spent mind that may find it’s way back to itself and the negative patterns it was a part of. It is healing to lift the veil and to see clearly that it is only a habit that can be released once we release the negativity that we are giving us. All it takes is the desire to see a change.

When we start to see the world from the hopefulness of thoughts instead of from the tiredness and hopelessness of the negative, amazing things can begin to happen. To wake up we must look inside. It’s not easy but we must really want and desire to change our ways. It is very easy to stay the same. It is Underground palm contacts with a concave mirror image. Much like doubting my ability to change and resent my determination towards that end.

Love yourself, realize that you are magnificent and share your wisdom to create a different world for you.

Start getting your light to shine, shift the way you see the world and you will change. Yes, I said you will change. For it is only expected of you because you are you have made it. Be strong and invest into the world that you see, want to share and see your world a new way. Be willing to move forward and to accept what is and the environment that you must operate in.

All the power in the universe is in your hands to change, it’s up to you to self-actualize and it’s up to you to be in your control. Choose positivity, dump negativity, be happy, be healthy, be peaceful and most of all be yourself…that’s from a girl to every girl and all, visualize the world you want to see – is heaven and it is to be.

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